KSE is a member of the EU Federation of Associations for Hunting and the Conservation of Wild Fauna (FACE ). The current KSE Chairman holds the Deputy Chairman’s position and dynamically participates on the organization’s boards and at the general meetings and influences policymaking on hunting in Europe as well as decision making. With this active role, KSE participates in the relevant EU decision-making bodies on hunting, the management of wildlife, the conservation of nature and ensures that complete updating is available to Greek Hunters on issues related to hunting developments at a European and international level. Especially in relation to the significant problems confronted by Southern Europe and Mediterranean countries on hunting activity, KSE, through its participation in FACE, highlights the different needs and requirements of Southern Europe.

Furthermore, KSE is a member of the International Council for Hunting and the Conservation of Wildlife (CIC), the Organisation for Migratory Birds of the Western Palearctic (OMPO), the European Traditional Hunting Organisation (AECT), and the Council for Hunting and Wildlife Protection of the Balkan Countries.