The GameGuard Body Objective of the Hunting Associations is mainly summarised as:

A) The Prevention and suppression of poaching

Poaching activities as well as the pursuit of hunting with illegal means (nets, lime–twigs, mimicked voices, motorised transport, etc), are not only delinquent behaviour that is contrary to the Laws and the relevant provisions governing hunting, but are also activities that are contrary to the rules of conduct and ethics that have governed hunting in Greece for many years.

B) The Upgrading of the natural environment

The active participation in every activity under the programs that are drawn up by the hunting organisations and whose objective is to improve the habitats and support wildlife, through reforestation, releasing of game, cultivation of fields, etc.

C) The provision of Voluntary services during emergencies

They actively participate in supporting the state on protecting society as a whole and the gaming resources during events of extreme weather such as floods, snowfall, etc. and disasters such as bushfires.

D) Assistance to Scientific research

The gamekeepers of the Hunting Associations, after being trained at educational seminars that are conducted by the hunting associations, actively contribute to the implementation of the programmes that are drawn up by the Hunting Associations, by collecting samples of different species of game, completing questionnaires, etc.